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               I believe in education. I am a doctor with an MBA. In my world when I started to make money I did not make the right withholding and the IRS has liened my check from the hospital, $5000 a month. At first you may think that a doctor can afford this but it is ridiculous, I cannot nor should I be expected to try to pay penalties that not even a doctor could catch up with. I can tell you after thorough investigation Ken at Ideal Tax is utterly professional, fair and most of all expert with all these tax matters. Not only did he lift the garnishment from the hospital, I am in a more favorable arrangement with the ruthless organization called by the acronym IRS. I will give 5 stars because he took the time to handle my case while communicating with me very well.
David M.
               Definitely pays to use professionals, paid for itself (3-4 times over). I am feeling great. Thank you ITS.
Greg L.
               I will not pay taxes to the government PERIOD! They have liened my home, garnished just about everything I own-including my car? Is this American? I dont care if I have to live on the street, I am not paying. Yes Ken was ok, thats about it. I will not pay my taxes, I will not pay to have my taxes reduced or cleared or anything else, I would rather live in Alaska and live off the land.
Lawrence P.
               How about this...I have always been on time with everything but I trusted someone else (for the first time) to do my taxes. They did not do it right and 3 years later I get a notice I owed money. I called David and he took care of it within 24 hours which is what I needed because I run a business I can not have the IRS in my bank accounts, thanks buddy, I hope I never have to use you again, lol!
Frederick J.
               I was referred to Ideal Tax Solution by my friend, I’m a professional gambler. They IRS told me that I had to keep a journal of my losses, yeah did not do that, so I thought I was good with no taxes. Come to find out I owed or they said I owed $79,453 plus fees. Ok I will tell you like it is, that what I liked about Ken, He worked with me on the payment plan, made it easy.
John F.
               My husband was ex-military and he didn’t file the right dependents because his ex-wife took the deduction or something like that. Now that we are married the IRS came after me for what his wife did to him. I thought about getting this done once and for all and called Charlene and she helped me right away. Because I got a letter stating they would lien us.
Regina M. Arizona
               Was paying the IRS $500 for years. I finally gave Ideal a chance, damn happy I did. Now I'm approved to pay NOTHING per month, thanks to the crew. Also got my back taxes done. I'll use you for any of my taxes.
               I found out about them from a close friend of mine. They really helped me and I got everything solved. They are good! A+ John 64.
John C.
               IRS grabbed my check. They got it released and got the IRS to drop it. Say waht? Awesome. Thought I was dead in the water.
Tom M.
               I filed Chapter 7 over 10 years ago. So I got no choice. David helped me right away, I think I owed like $49 grand to the feds and $7 grand to the great state of North Carolina. You want your engine fixed, mechanic, you need surgery-Surgeon, Tax issues---these guys. Yes very happy and thank you Ideal Tax Solution, BIG RELIEF sleeping better now.
Charles C.
               Many thanks to Ideal Tax Solution for resolving my tax problems! It feels as though I've been set free, without all the fear and heaviness I was feeling! I was overjoyed when I received my letter from the IRS that they accepted my Offer in Compromise! This is a legitimate company that I will recommend to anyone, no matter what your tax situation is. What a Christmas present!
Laura S.
               I was so leery to have a tax settlement company help me with my tax problem but after calling ITS, I felt I could trust them immediately. They took me through an interview and really listened to my situation and how I got into such trouble. The attorney that was taking care of me had my missing returns filed right away and went to work on pleading my case to the IRS. Whenever I had a concern, he could always answer my questions in a way that I could understand. ITS has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and much faster than I expected, I am so glad that I hired them.
William L.
               This company cares about their clients! Any time I was concerned they jumped all over the problem right away and we remain well informed of every step on our case. There is still more work to be done for me but I can tell you that my revenue officer is no longer bothering me and that alone has gotten rid of a huge headache. So far this process has been pretty painless and I'm looking forward to the day when I'm free and clear with my taxes and I have Ideal Tax Solution to thank for that.
Maria V.
               This thing was a pain. Sara made it easy to get done. I owed $60k and got my employer taking money and giving to the IRS. I’d give 5 Stars but I hate paying taxes.
Robert G.
               I signed my contract with Ideal about a month ago and couldn't be more pleased with my experiences with this company so far. They were able to get me into a safe status with the IRS and they are working on an offer to settle as well. I have been very impressed, I thought everything would take much longer! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your help.
Linda L.
               After working with another tax resolution company, I can tell you that my experience with Ideal Tax Solution was much more positive. Everyone I worked with was very patient and made a stressful time much less so, I was always able to get a hold of someone whenever I called. They filed returns for me and got the IRS off my back. I would be happy to recommend anyone to Ideal Tax Solution.
Bruce A.
               Thank you ideal tax solution you've really gone to bat for me! Everyone there is really helpful and on top of their game its been a really pleasant experience working with them.
Ken H.

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