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What is A Tax Investigation?

Once your tax file has been reviewed and approved for representation, our experts will work with you on an individual basis to investigate your tax filing history and detail the status of your financial situation. Once we have documented the details of your tax history and confirm your financial status, our team will identify which specific government relief program is available for your situation and what type of relief it provides. Having accurate and up-to-date information helps our Enrolled Agents best protect your taxpayer rights with the IRS.

Online Tax Investigations

Now for the first time ever, Ideal Tax Solution, LLC is providing clients access online to see their Tax Investigation results, as well as any IRS transcripts provided to us. This ensures that our clients are exactly on the same page as we are. We believe in keeping our clients in the know.

Online Tax Investigation Results Screenshots

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC | Online Tax Investigation Results ScreenshotIdeal Tax Solution, LLC | Online IRS Transcripts Screenshot