Tax Audits

Today, thousands of taxpayers are dealing with a very serious situation in facing an IRS Tax Audit. The IRS is a ruthless and relentless collection agency and they take an audit very seriously, and so should you. A tax audit can be done either through the mail or in person, and both can be just as aggravating. Facing the IRS by yourself is, quite literally, a death sentence. This is absolutely the wrong thing to do. You MUST secure proper legal representation before you enter into an audit. And experienced tax professional will know how to represent you in a way that will accomplish the goal of the auditor, without exposing you to additional risk and/or penalties.

Depending on the type of audit required of you, you may be required to report to your local IRS office, they may come to your home or office, or you can respond by mail. The type of audit and location is directly related to the seriousness of the audit itself. No matter what type of audit you are facing, you should call for help and get immediate professional advice for this serious problem.

Ideal Tax Solution Representation

Ideal Tax Solution has the experience and knowledge to handle the most serious of tax audits. Our expert Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and ensure that your taxpayer rights are protected and that the IRS auditor is playing on a level field. Call us today to discuss how we can develop a strategy that will allow you to address the audit and resolve it with better than acceptable results.