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The IRS issues billions of dollars in penalties each year, and they intend to collect on all of it. That being said, what it means to the individual taxpayer is that they may be willing to strike a deal to remove all of your Tax Debt based on your individual ability to pay. While the IRS wants to collect on all penalties, they realize that some people can’t or shouldn’t have to pay, and removing those cases of their books allows them to pursue those taxpayers who can and should pay.

Obviously, not all taxpayers will qualify for a penalty abatement. It will depend on the particular financial circumstances of that individual and the type of penalty being assessed. Every case is unique and the IRS will decide each case by either approving or denying the abatement request based on the information you provide. It is essential that you provide the correct information and present your request in a way that supports your explanation and claim for abatement.

It is important to have expert representation on your side for this process. Our mediation experts will prepare your request and submit it to the IRS on your behalf. We will tailor and prepare a customized request that has offered proven results with past clients. The information we will gather from the client, will assist us in preparing a comprehensive and complete abatement request, which results in the best chances that your penalty abatement request will get approved.