Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

If your spouse or former spouse is being subjected to a Tax Lien or Tax Levy, you may be caught up in the whole affair, even if you have nothing to do with the tax owed. If you are caught up in tax trouble because of a spouse’s action, you may qualify for an Innocent Spouse Claim. If a taxpayer can prove that they qualify for this claim, then they may be relieved of any obligation for the tax debt. The IRS has established guidelines to determine who will receive qualified relief from this program.

You may fit into this category if:

  • If Your Spouse Operated A Separate Business Independently From You
  • If Did Not Personally Benefit From The Extra Money That Was A Result Of The Tax Deficiency.
  • If You Did Not Share Bank Accounts Or Had Not Access To The Money Generated From The Activity.

You will need to file a claim and qualify for relief, but one of our Tax Resolution Specialists can assist you with evaluating your qualification details and determining what type of relief is available to you.

Ideal Tax Solution Representation

Ideal Tax Solution has the experience and knowledge to handle the most serious of tax audits. Our expert Tax Attorneys and Enrolled Agents will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and ensure that your taxpayer rights are protected and that the IRS auditor is playing on a level field. Call us today to discuss how we can develop a strategy that will allow you to address the audit and resolve it with better than acceptable results.