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If your spouse or former spouse is being subjected to a Tax Lien or Tax Levy, you may be caught up in the whole affair, even if you have nothing to do with the tax owed. If you are caught up in tax trouble because of a spouse’s action, you may qualify for an Innocent Spouse Claim. If a taxpayer can prove that they qualify for this claim, then they may be relieved of any obligation for the tax debt. The IRS has established guidelines to determine who will receive qualified relief from this program.

You may fit into this category if;

You will need to file a claim and qualify for relief, but one of our Tax Resolution Specialists can assist you with evaluating your qualification details and determining what type of relief is available to you.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If you are approved for innocent spouse relief, you may be relieved of any responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties associated with the tax debt.

Relief by Separation of Liability

Under this type of relief, you divide the tax debt between you and your spouse (or former spouse) and pay it separately.

Equity Relief

If you do not qualify for either of the above, you may still be relieved of the responsibility through an equity relief. Call our Tax Consultants and allow them to review your case and determine what you qualify for.