Case Managers

Ideal Tax Solution, LLC | Case Manager

Case Managers are very important members of our team as they help organize your case from start to finish. Case Managers are essentially your personal assistants as they help you coordinate just about everything on your case. This includes anything from making sure Ideal Tax Solution has all the necessary documents required to move you along the resolution process, to setting up appointments for you to speak to your assigned Tax Attorney or Enrolled Agent.

Contacting your personal Case Manager is incredibly easy and simple. Ideal Tax Solution made it easy by design, so that you can always reach someone who knows exactly what you need, rather than having to speak to countless numbers of other people. Your Case Manager is always ready for anything you may need which may be assisting you in getting your IRS transcripts, to just getting a status update on your case.

If for any reason you have lost contact with, or just having trouble reaching your Case Manager, please do not hesitate to contact our customer care department so that we may help you. You are not alone facing your tax problems. You have our team at your side, always.